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2015 / Location: Germany

270C CTX beta 800 TC mit CELOS

 The maximum turning length is 800 mm.
- Main spindle:
Integrated spindle-motor ISM 76
- Drive power 25/34 kW (100/40% ED),
Speed ??5000 min-Å.
- Closed clamping device (hydr.) With
The inner diameter of the holding pipe is 67 mm,
Depth of 700 mm.
- C axis with spindle brake (hydr.)
- Cross slide with turning and milling
Spindle with hydraulic clamp,
Cone HSK-63A to DIN 69893
- Y axis ± 100 mm
- Axis B ± 110 ° interpolation
High torque motor
- Disk tool store for 24 poses,
Convenient front loading
- tailstock operated from the system
Rotating center, cone of the quill MK5
- Absolute, direct measuring systems
Along the X, Y, and Z axes
- Coolant supply pump 5 bar; 20l / min, degree
Coolant filtration 100 ?m
- Spindle-motor cooling system,
Engine bracket, turning and milling
Spindle, drive motor axis B.
- CNC Siemens 840D sl with interface

 B-A7063C CELOS® mit Siemens 840D sl Operate
 B-A7063C * CELOS Interface
With Siemens 840D sl Operate
Includes: ERGOline® remote control 21.5 inches
With multi-touch screen
The applications included in the interface,
Simplify the work, maintain documentation,
Provide visualization of order data,
Machine and processing process
With network binding to CAD / CAM systems
Compatible with planning systems
Production and management of the enterprise

 B-A0329 5-Achsen Simultanbearbeitung
 B-A0329 * Simultaneous 5-axis machining,
Contour processing
(Only in conjunction with Siemens CNC)

 B-H0040 Mechanischer Oelnebelabscheider 600mÑ / h
B-H0040 Coolant Vapor Cooler with Mechanical Filter
Productivity 600 cube. M / h filter class H13
 B-B0011 Futterspüleinrichtung, Hauptspindel,
 B-B0011 Coolant supply outside for cartridge cleaning
Main spindle

 B-Z0400 Kühlmittelspritzpistole
 B-Z0400 Coolant gun for removing chips

 B-F7002 Scharnierbandspäneförderer
 B-F7002 Swarf type chip conveyor

 B-Z7050 Pakete für instabile Netze
B-Z7050 Safety package for power failures,
Consisting of a voltage drop protection
Of the feed motor (s) Z / with brake (s)
 B-Z0262 Scheibenreinigung der Sicherheitsscheibe
B-Z0262 Cleaning the glass of the cab safety window with compressed air
(Note: The use of coolant can reduce visibility in the cabin during part machining)
 D-KEY08 DMG MORI SMARTkey "Masterker"
D-KEY08 * DMG MORI SMARTKey® - Master key
Instead of inclusion keys
For the CELOS® / SLIMline® 4 control panel

 B-H7205 Werkzeugmesseinrichtung im Arbeitsraum, automatisch
Tool measuring device

SK001 ROTA-S Plus 260-62, 81er Bohrung
Mechanized three-jaw chuck with through hole
Model ROTA-S Plus 260-62-81

  • Gildemeister
  • Germany
  • Siemens 840 D
  • 2015
  • Germany
  • 500 mm
  • 0 mm
  • 67 mm
  • 0
  • 0
  • 5000 rpm
  • 24 / 24